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Adskills – Bulletproof Youtube Ads

Categories: Youtube/Google Ads
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Course Content

01-Intro To The Network That’s Turned Small Businesses Into Billion Dollar Acquisitions

  • 01- Intro from Justin Brooke
  • 02- from Justin Brooke
  • 03 – from Justin Brooke
  • 04- from Justin Brooke

02-Module 1- Baselines & Budgets..Where Wars (And YouTube Campaigns) Are Won And Lost

03-Module 2- Determine Your Customer & Your Message

04-Module 3- Figuring Out Your Targeting Plan…From Super-Niche To Fully Scaled

05-Module 4- Determining Your Test Strategy

06-Module 5- Building Your Ads

07-Module 6- Setting Up Your Campaigns

08-Module 7- Evaluating, Optimizing, And Scaling Your Campaigns…To Infinity & Beyond